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What is dxday?

The second edition of the dxday, is a premier event dedicated to exploring and enhancing Developer Experience (DX). This conference gathers industry leaders, developers, and tech enthusiasts to share insights, innovations, and best practices that elevate the daily experiences and productivity of developers.
Organized by GrUSP, this international event gathers professionals to explore themes such as ephemeral environments, AI in coding, IDP systems, remote development, API design and more. Join us to delve into the technologies and processes that boost developer productivity, satisfaction, and impact!
📣 Key Highlights: Expert Speakers, Networking Opportunities, Cutting-Edge Technologies & Case Studies and Real-World Examples.
💡 Who should attend? Developers, Tech Leads and Managers, Product Managers, HR and Team Leads.
💻 Why attend? Stay Ahead of Trends, Enhance Your Skills, Expand Your Network, Be Inspired.
dxday will be in Bologna & online on Thursday, March 13th 2025.

Topics and themes

We'll talk about...

AI in coding
Internal Developer Portals
Tooling and Development Environments
Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
Developer Tools and Productivity
Developer Onboarding
Documentation and Knowledge Sharing
Remote Work and Collaboration

...and much more!