dxday is proudly organised by GrUSP. GrUSP is a community founded in 2003 as a PHP User Group, that has become the reference point in Italy for good practice in all fields of web development. We have been organising community-oriented conferences since then, always pursuing the goal of creating opportunities for people to meet, learn, share and grow together.

GrUSP is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to improve a healthier and sustainable web development ecosystem in Italy. We organise affordable, high-quality events and workshops for developers and promote the creation of local user groups (PUG), helping them in their activities.
Diversity and inclusion have always been at the heart of our initiative. We have been applying a code of conduct for many years, and we have scholarship programs for each of our conferences.

The GrUSP Conferences

We organize plenty of tech conferences in Italy, involving both Italian and international professionals. The topics we cover range from web development languages and frameworks (Angular, React, Symfony, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, etc.) to DevOps and security technologies, and also web design-related topics (UX and CSS). We also organize Product Management Day, the first Italian conference dedicated to product management.
These are unique events, combining workshops, technical talks, and important networking opportunities. During our conferences, attendees have the chance to connect with top professionals, exchange innovative ideas, and discover the latest industry trends. Every year, more than 6,000 people participate in our events!

Here is the list of our conferences:

  • dxday - the developer experience conference
  • Incontro DevOps Italia
  • cssday
  • jsday
  • phpday
  • rubyday
  • uxday
  • containerday
  • devsecopsday
  • reactjsday
  • laravelday
  • angularday
  • Product Management Day

    Additionally, we are constantly looking for new speakers and topics! Check out our [Call for Papers page] and apply to become one of our next speakers!

  • The team

    We are a dynamic team of passionate individuals, blending diverse expertise in technology, creative arts, and community management. Our unique combination of skills allows us to innovate and connect effectively, driving forward our mission with enthusiasm and excellence.

    Matteo Beccati

    GrUSP Board Member

    Cesare D'Amico

    GrUSP Board Member

    Giovanna Ferrari

    Sponsor Management

    Giorgio Fochesato

    Community Manager

    Francesco Fullone


    Lara Lombardi

    Marketing Manager

    Daniel Londero

    GrUSP Board Member

    Francesco Mancin

    Regia e Video

    Giulia Tosato

    Event Manager